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Feedback from Clients #01

Experiences of clients who have worked with me

"I was initially very reluctant to attend counselling but Jonathan has a quiet, friendly and natural approach which put me at ease and made me feel entirely comfortable with the process. During the next few months he gently guided me to identify, manage and wherever possible dispel the sources of my depression and anxiety. That I have now regained some perspective and control of my feelings is thanks to his influence, and I would not for a moment hesitate to recommend him to anyone." NS

"I saw Jonathan once a week for roughly a year and found my time with him extremely well spent. Looking back it was a period of immense change for me. Jonathan let me find my own way and never told me what to do but would always challenge me and never let me get away with anything half thought out or insubstantial. I am most grateful to him for making me realise what was good and nourishing in my life and what wasn’t. I now have a choice as to which path to follow thanks to him. A lot of what I talked about was of an extremely personal nature and things I had never told anyone before. I felt safe telling him these things and never judged in anyway .Nor was I ever indulged either. I had a huge fear of walking away from relationships (both romantic and professional) that were no longer working for me, but with Jonathan I managed to move on from several in an open an adult way that I am extremely proud of. I found Jonathan entirely professional, gentle and yet unsparing and extremely helpful. He set me on a path of self-care that I could never have found without him." RH

"Initially I approached Jonathan because I wanted help in dealing with feelings of extreme anxiety. His help within those initial sessions was invaluable, enabling me to cope with difficult feelings and emotions. There was a real sense of being listened to and understood. I also felt that I had a safe and supportive environment within which to talk about things - just doing that was a relief in itself. Jonathan was gently probing in his approach and encouraged me to explore underlying issues and their impact. The sessions definitely helped me put my feelings and experiences into some context. More than anything I am grateful for the help at a time when I was finding it so difficult to cope. Thank you for your sensitivity and patience". MR

"I am a recovering drug addict, and in my past I experienced domestic violence and a complicated sexual history.
With Jonathan's help I was able to get through a very difficult time in my early recovery, and my work with him helped me to change some behaviours and address some dysfunctional thinking which could have led me back to dangerous territory. When, some ten years later, I found myself in difficulty in a long term relationship, I sought Jonathan out and again found working with him extremely helpful.
At the beginning of this year I celebrated 20 years of s sobriety, and I recognise that Jonathan helped me find some of the most important tools that have made it possible to reach that milestone." AS

"A few years ago, I became overwhelmed by some very difficult events in my life. I knew I needed professional help but I also found the prospect frightening. From the outset and throughout the time that I saw Jonathan, he was patient, calm and reassuring, showed real concern for my welfare and came across as confident and comfortable in his ability to support me. These qualities allowed me to make the most of my sessions, to take some risks in terms of what I dealt with and to gain an understanding of my own strengths and needs, the benefits of which are still with me today." JM

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